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DermaStem’s® unique formula boasts dozens of natural ingredients that stimulate the renewal potential of your skin.


Well-being naturally with DermaStem®

This revolutionary serum’s formula was designed with the latest technology and innovation to help your skin the way Nature intended. Our breakthrough serum revitalizes the skin’s appearance, restoring and maintaining its youthful vibrancy. DermaStem® is made from natural ingredients that support the ideal environment for the natural process of skin renewal. Just one or two pumps of the mocha-hued fusion of natural oils and plant extracts applied to delicate areas of the face increase elasticity and moisture retention.

The renewal power of Dermastem®

Early clinical tests have demonstrated dramatic results in just days after applying DermaStem®. Significant results in a FEW days!

*Results may not be typical and not all users will experience the same benefits

  7 Days 28 Days
Decreased fine lines & coarse wrinkles
10% 25.33%
Increased moisture retention
10% 30.49%
Increased elasticity
3% 10.3%

The very best ingredients blended with innovative SoniPure processes become a unique and powerful formula.

DermaStem® is a mocha-hued fusion of natural oils that blends invisibly into the skin. DermaStem® contains a velvety emulsion of the world's most natural, restorative ingredients, including:
  • Genestein and Samambaia, along with 14 berry concentrates which are packed with antioxidants.
  • Black Mamaku, Moringa, Shea, and Rosa Mosqueta which are used on the skin by natives of various parts of the world and improve the appearance of the skin.
  • Sangre de drago’s sap. Sangre de drago (Dragon's blood; Croton lechleri) is a tree that grows in humid tropical regions like the Amazon basin, Southeast Asia and the West Indies, although the knowledge of the use of sangre de drago primarily comes from the Amazon Basin. Sangre de drago takes its name from the deep red colored sap that oozes out from the tree when the bark is cut. Proanthocyanidins, the antioxidants found in pine bark and grape, account for nearly 90% of the dried sangre de drago’s sap, making it an exceptionally protective ingredient for Dermastem®.
  • Our natural Power Complex - a proprietary blend of the most profound ingredients: AFA, fucoidan, cehami, cacao, as well as aloe and vanilla.
  • Although there are more than 450 species of aloe coming from various parts of Africa and South America, the best known species of aloe is Aloe vera. The regenerative properties of Aloe vera when applied to the skin have been known for centuries and throughout cultures, as far back as 4000 BC in Egypt, and have been well documented as far back as 2200 BC, as attested by descriptions of its use on Sumerian clay tablets. In the middle age Europe, it was the main treatment for various skin conditions. Upon sailing to the New World, Christopher Columbus wrote in his journal, “All is well, aloe is on board.” With its high content in aloe, Dermastem® builds on a tradition of exceptional ingredients for the skin.
  • Originating in Central America, West Indies and South America, vanilla beans are traditionally used in culinary for their fragrance that is widely acknowledged to awaken the passion. Like cacao, the Aztecs so appreciated vanilla’s fragrance that they considered vanilla a sacred plant. Recently, vanilla has been documented to contain unique antioxidants and to support cellular proliferation. Used in Dermastem®, vanilla helps fix the unique natural fragrance of the serum.
  • Our blend of six Cytokines to support the skin's own renewal process.
  • RejuvHyal, a glucosamine-based ingredient.

  • DermaStem® contains absolutely nothing artificial. No mineral oils, preservatives, or petro-chemicals are part of either the formula or the processing. Sound-wave sanitizing technology called SoniPure and cold processing preserves the very fabric of each plant for unprecedented effect.

    DermaStem® stands out in the skincare products world! Discover how Nature can help you awaken the renewal potential of your skin!

    Invite Nature to be a part of your daily skin care.

    DermaStem® is an important part of your daily skincare and works best when used together with SE2®, StemFlo® and ST-5.
    Stemtech's science now supports the concept of inside and outside care with our extraordinary supplement line, along with a patented skin care product - DermaStem®.

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