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StemEquine® Formula is a supplement made from natural ingredients and is a specifically formulated equine equivalent of AFA Concentrate for humans.


Well-being naturally with StemEquine®

Stemtech was first to discover a revolutionary way to support horses. Stemtech’s Equine Formula® is the world's first food supplement of its kind made from natural ingredients that helps horses maintain well-being naturally.

The Power of StemEquine®

Horses love this product boasting a proprietary formula made from patented AFA Concentrate from Klamath Lake in the USA! Simply add StemEquine® granules to your horses feed.

Extraordinary, proprietary and unique formula

We are proud to report that StemEquine® Formula contains none of the listed forbidden substances outlined in the 2006 Drugs and Medications Guidelines developed by the United States Equine Federation.

Our StemEquine® Formula contains a natural concentrate of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA Concentrate).

Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA Concentrate) is a cyanophyta, a class of unicellular microorganisms considered to be the first form of life on Earth -Earth’s first food!- growing in Klamath Lake, in Southern Oregon. Nested at the foothills of Crater Lake, protected by the Cascade Mountains to the West, the Winema National Forest to the East and the Crater Lake National Park to the North, Klamath Lake is part of a unique ecosystem. Due to unique geological formations and the volcanic nature of the area, Klamath Lake is believed to be more than 1 million years old. Its long life has led to the accumulation of more than 10 meters of mineral sediments at the bottom of the lake, which is responsible for the unique nutritional profile of Klamath lake AFA. AFA used in StemEquine® is harvested in the wild from the deep waters of Klamath Lake using a patented proprietary process that maintains the unique properties of AFA and ensures the purity of the harvested product.

StemEquine® stands out in the animals’ supplement world! Discover how Nature can help your horse express its inner potential!

Invite Nature to be part of your horse’s daily lifestyle

In addition to StemEquine® Formula, Stemtech’s animal product line includes StemPets® Advanced Formula for dogs and other house pets.

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