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Why has D-FUZE™ been created?

Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs) that radiate from your cell phone could potentially have long-term effects on health. After the edition of the international report Bioinitiative on the biological effects of diverse EMF of a wide range of length waves, caution principle has been applied1.

D-FUZE™, our new filter to be stuck on your mobile phone!
EMFs can be absorbed by the human body

EMFs can potentially be absorbed by the human body – particularly the brain.

In US and Europe, limits of EMF diffusion to the brain is respectively 1.6W/kg and 2W/kg.

baby holding cellphone

D-FUZE™ works on all cell phones categories

Cell phone use is worldwide estimated to 6,9 billions. The globalization of its consumption is well demonstrated. D-FUZE™ can be stuck on the cover and also used on other electronic devices (lap top, tablet, microwave, TV, etc.).

Lab testing

Science is addressing the issue

After the growing questions raised by consumers, doctors and health centers, scientific research started looking into it, trying to understand the potential effects of EMF. In this context, two research institutes, CIRC and IEEE, initiated international programs to study the phenomenon2. 1 Hardell L., Sage C., 2008, Biological effects from EMF exposure and public exposure standards, Biomed Pharmacother, 62,104-109. 2 WHO/OMS data. CIRC (International Center for Cancer Research) and IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer)

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