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Stemtech is bringing innovation to your life

Our innovative nutritional products are designed to help you live your life to its full potential.

Natural ingredients for an active lifestyle!

Stemtech is proud to be bringing products inspired by care, human values, fair trade, responsibility and respect of tradition and local cultures all around the globe.

Stemtech’s scientifically products are made from plants, botanicals and many other ingredients such as AFA, undaria pinnatifida, Cordyceps sinensis, Indian Gooseberry Extract (Amla), Cacao Powder, Blackcurrant Extract, Maca, Vanilla, Sangre de drago, Aloe, Goji berry, Mushroom and many others.

Stemtech’s line of innovative products is designed to tap into your inner potential:
  1. SE2®
  2. StemFlo®
  3. ST-5 with MigraStem

It is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Our product offering is enriched with DermaStem® Renewal Serum to enhance your outer radiance.

These products are designed synergistically to provide you with the maximum results when taken together throughout your day.

Stemtech pioneered this exciting innovative range of products, made from scientifically studied natural ingredients and protected its technology so that the unmatched proprietary formulas cannot be copied.

For animals, Stemtech has created StemPets® Advanced Formula and StemEquine®. These products are produced with the same high-quality standards for your pets’ and animals’ wellness.

Allow Nature to awaken your Inner Potential

The lifestyle you want is As Easy As 1-2-3


SE2® Advanced Formula was the world’s first supplement in its category made from natural ingredients designed to support your ability to release your inner potential so you can enjoy your chosen lifestyle.

Our Advanced Formula, inspired by the latest innovation in science, helps maintain well-being naturally.

It is an extraordinary, patent-pending, proprietary formula, composed of:
  • Patented AFA Concentrate from Klamath Lake in the USA ;
  • Patent pending Undaria pinnatifida from Australia ;
  • Cordyceps sinensis, from the USA ;
SE2® stands out in the supplement world! SE2® helps you release your inner potential.

Invite Nature to be a part of your daily lifestyle.


StemFlo® is a cutting-edge combination of a unique blend of enzymes and plants considered as antioxidants, designed to help your inner power to circulate within.

Our unique formula, inspired by the latest innovation in science, helps naturally maintain well-being.

It is an effective, patent-pending, proprietary formula, containing:
  • Gotu Kola from India
  • Indian Gooseberry Extract (Amla) from India
  • Lemon Fruit Extract from China
  • Enzyme Blend from the USA
  • Grape Pomace Extract from New Zealand
  • Turmeric (Curcumin) from India
  • Cacao Powder from Peru
  • Blackcurrant Extract from New Zealand
StemFlo® differs from traditional supplements. Customers report excellent results! It helps you to circulate your inner potential within.

Invite Nature to be a part of your daily lifestyle.


ST-5is a nutritional supplement to be blended as a beverage that supports the smooth migration of your inner potential where it is needed.

Our unmatched formula, inspired by the latest innovation in science, helps naturally maintain well-being.

Patent-pending ST-5 with MigraStem is made of more than 30 natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals; boasting a non-soy protein mix in a new, gently vanilla flavoured, creamy formula.

ST-5 stands out in the supplement market. It helps your inner potential!

Invite Nature to be a part of your daily lifestyle.


DermaStem's® unique formula boasts dozens of natural ingredients that stimulate the renewal potential of your skin.

This revolutionary serum’s formula was designed with the latest technology and innovation to help your skin look the way Nature intended.

Our renewal serum is a proprietary blend of dozens of certified organic and wild-harvested ingredients that each work both individually and in unison to enhance your skin’s natural youthful radiance.

Just one or two pumps of the mocha-hued fusion of natural oils and plant extracts applied to delicate areas of the face increase elasticity and moisture retention.

Clinical tests have shown DermaStem’s® ability to provide a youthful looking skin, starting in only 7 days.

Dermastem® stands out amongst other skincare products. It brings unprecedented results and keeps you looking youthful.

Invite Nature to be a part of your daily skin care.


StemEquine® Formula is a supplement made from natural ingredients and is a specifically formulated equine equivalent of AFA Concentrate for humans.

Horses love this product, boasting a proprietary formula made of patented AFA Concentrate from Klamath Lake in the USA!

StemEquine® stands out in the horses and other animals supplement world!

Invite Nature to be a part of your animal’s daily lifestyle

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