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Congratulations on your decision to join the Stemtech team!

The Stemtech opportunity will provide you with the chance to create a future with more choices, more freedoms and more of the things you desire!

There are a variety of packages available to help get you started. Review the sign-up options below and decide what is right for you.
TeamBuilder Pack [March Promo Price]

3 bottles of StemEnhance®
1 bottles of StemFlo®
1 bottles of DermaStem Serum®
TeamBuilder Pack - Classic

5 bottles of StemEnhance®

TeamBuilder Logo

This package includes:
  • Register as a Business Partner with Stemtech
  • Purchase product at Wholesale prices
  • Associate Business Partner Kit
  • 5 StemEnhance Brochures
  • 3 StemFlo Brochures
  • 2 DermaStem Brochures
  • 1 Business Builder Guide
  • 1 Detailed Compensation Plan Reference
  • 1 set of Presentation FlipChart w/ binder
  • 1 Button Pin
  • 10 pcs – Application Forms
  • 1 set Complan Panel Cards
  • 1 StemtechBiz DVD with powerpoints
  • 1 Stemtech Tote Bag
  • Business Partner Office Suite
    • Personalized Website
    • Retail Shopping Cart
    • Back Office Tracking/Management Tools/Reports
    • Php 497.50/month hosting Fee [waived if you are on Autoship]
  • Point Value (PV) - 300
  • Bonus Value (BV) - 0
  • Eligible for TeamBuilder Bonuses
  • Value: Php 30,300
Associate Partner Kit

Basic startup materials
This Package Includes:
  • Register as a Business Partner with Stemtech Philippines!
  • Receive a Business Partner Office Kit – forms, brochures, DVD and tools required for business
  • May become qualified to earn all bonuses, commissions and overrides
  • Opportunity to advance to top position in Compensation Plan
  • Purchase Product, Business Partner Office Suite and sales aids separately
  • Not eligible for TeamBuilder Bonuses

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