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The Stemtech Compensation Plan offers you several exciting ways to make money in addition to earning retail profits by marketing Stemtech products.

TeamBuilder Program
Prosperity Bonus Program
Lifestyle Leadership Bonus Program
Vehicle Bonus Program
VIP Customer Program

TeamBuilder Program

Rewarding You for Developing New Business
A one-time TeamBuilder Bonus is available each time you enrol a new Business Partner who purchases a TeamBuilder Pack.

This program pays generous upfront Enroller, TeamBuilder, Turbo TeamBuilder and 50% Matching bonuses when you are enrolling, training, and helping others succeed.

TeamBuilder Bonuses are paid weekly providing you elect direct deposit through StemPay E-Wallet, which can be set up in your personal website Back Office.

Qualification requirement: Purchase a TeamBuilder Pack and have a minimum of 50 AutoShip PPV (minimum of one bottle) to remain active and qualify for TeamBuilder Bonuses (Personal VIP Customer AutoShips count towards this qualifier).

TeamBuilder Pack
Most popular way to become a TeamBuilder!
This pack has great value and great bonus potential.

TeamBuilder Bonus Payouts:
Up to R2300 in TeamBuilder Pack bonuses are paid out with each R3500 TeamBuilder Pack enrollment.
  • R575 to qualified Enroller
  • R920 TeamBuilder Bonus to qualified Business Partner or
  • R1150 Turbo TeamBuilder Bonus to qualified Business Partner
  • R460 or R575 50% Matching Bonus to qualified Business Partner
  • If the Enroller also earns the TeamBuilder Bonus, the Enroller receives a R575 Enroller Bonus, a and the R920/R1150 TeamBuilder for a total of R1495/R1725.

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TeamBuilder Bonus

Prosperity Bonus Program
Rewarding You for Residual Business
The Prosperity Bonus Program pays out a full 7% on ALL Business Partners orders seven levels deep, PLUS 1-2-3% Infinity Bonus if qualified. The Program pays on the first 100 BV of all orders per Independent Business Partner or Retail Customer per month (excluding VIP Customers).
Autoship Prosperity Program
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The number of "levels" of Autoship orders on which you earn commission each month is determined by:
APPV (AutoShip Personal Point Value): The PV from your personal AutoShip orders and the AutoShip orders of your VIP Customers. OPV (Organizational Point Value - AutoShip only) PPV (AutoShip Only) & the PPV of 7 levels of AutoShip organization volume. The Prosperity Bonus is paid on the first 100 BV, from each IBP, of all order types from Independent Business Partners in your downline. Note: Prosperity Bonus Program PV for a single bottle of SE2™ is 50 PV, BV = 52.95 Note: All orders for the month, AutoShip and non-AutoShip combined, the first 100 BV only, is paid through the Prosperity Bonus. (*VIP customer orders are not part of this plan)

Lifestyle Leadership Bonus Program

The Lifestyle Leadership Bonus Program pays 3-10% on ALL orders with BV over 100. As your group grows, you can earn generational bonuses of 3%-10% to six generations. Lifestyle Infinity Bonuses are up to 1-2-3%, on all generations of your group starting on the 7th generation.

You can earn:

  • Retail profit on personally enrolled Retail Customer orders
  • Rebates up to 20% on all personal non-Autoship wholesale orders
  • Commissions up to 20% on non-Autoship orders within your downline
You must have a minimum 100 Personal Point Value [PPV] in the calendar month to qualify.

The key to advancement and increased earnings in the StepUp Generation Program is to work your way up to Director then to develop as many new Director "legs" as you can.

LifeStyle Leadership Program
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New Vehicle Bonus Program

Want to drive a vehicle paid for by Stemtech? Qualifying for Stemtech’s Vehicle Bonus Program is easier than ever before! Everything depends on you QUALIFYING as a DIRECTOR (or above) who builds with AutoShip. In North America, both Independent Business Partners AND VIP Customers on AutoShip count toward your qualification. As the chart below shows, your monthly vehicle bonus increases as the number of your personally-enrolled AutoShips and the total number of AutoShips on your first three levels increase, along with your AutoShip PV:

    When you achieve this:
  You Get Paid Business Partners or Retail Customers on Autoship on your 1st Level* Business Partners or VIP Customers on Autoship on your 3rd Level Total Volume 3 Levels of Business Partners* Fully Qualified Director each month?
per Month
10 personally enrolled 100 10,000 AutoShip PV**
per Month
15 personally enrolled 200 20,000 AutoShip PV**
per Month
20personally enrolled 300 30,000 AutoShip PV**
per Month
25 personally enrolled 400 40,000 AutoShip PV**
*VIP Customers count toward your qualification
**50% Rule Applies

Once you meet these qualifications for three consecutive months, your Vehicle Bonus begins in the fourth month. You can shop in January for a vehicle that can be in your driveway in April… but you need to start building your team NOW!

Additional Rules:
• Partners that are fully qualified Directors or above are eligible for the Vehicle Bonus Program if released in your country.
• For the purposes of qualification and maintenance you may use both personally enrolled Partners AND VIP Customers on AutoShip. • The bonus is paid monthly.
• A Partner may qualify to receive only one Tier at a time.
• A Partner must meet the qualification requirements for a given Tier for 3 consecutive months before earning the bonus. The bonus starts paying in the 4th month.
• A Partner may purchase/lease the vehicle upon completion of the initial 3rd month of qualification. The purchase/lease agreements must be in the Partner’s name(s), and a copy of the lease agreement sent to the local Partner Services Team.
• 50% of bonus achieved will be awarded in commissions, if the Partner elects NOT to purchase a vehicle.
• Partners may purchase a new vehicle, of your choice or a second hand vehicle after submission of preferred vehicle to Stemtech is approved.
• When the vehicle is purchased it MUST have a corporate branding/ wrap/ decals fitted at all times and be made available for photo shoots for corporate publications as required
• A Grace Month is used when a Partner misses the AutoShip requirements on Levels 1-3 but the AutoShips on 1st level and PV requirements have been met.
• A Partner may use one Grace Month within a 12 consecutive month period. During the Grace Month, the Partner will be paid at the same Tier for which he/she has been qualified for.
• If a Grace Month is not available then the Partner is paid at the lower Tier for which he/she is qualified.
• If the Grace Month has been used and the Partner fails to meet the requirements again within the 12 months, the Partner will have to re-qualify for that Tier to get the bonus paid (at that Tier) to them again.

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